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Download Latest HUAWEI Mobile Partner 23 with Wi-Fi Hotspot Standalone Offline Installer

HUAWEI Mobile Partner 23 FEATURES

3G Internet management

Built-sets APN, automatically adapting China's three major carriers, truly a key Internet.

Traffic Statistics

View real-time traffic information, including the current connection time, upload / download speed and upload / download traffic.
View historical statistics, including the time and date of the last empty / month / year to upload and download traffic flow.

Phone book

Convenient and efficient management of contacts, including create, delete and group management.
Support contacts backup, you can restore data in a timely manner when the device is lost or replaced.

Short Message

Support SMS messaging, mass, backup and management.
Supports a variety of messaging feature set.

Wi-Fi Management

Wi-Fi Connection Manager.
3G, Wi-Fi connection priority management settings.
PC end 3G, Wi-Fi seamlessly switch.

Diverse service
Lots of space network hard drive.
Site navigation, one-touch access.
Air ticket booking, hotel convenient.

Supported Devices :

HUAWEI Mobile Partner 23 System REQUIREMENTS

Operating Systems :
Windows XP SP2 or SP3
Windows Server 2003
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 8.1

Download Help

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How to Create Free WiFi Hotspot using HUAWEI Mobile Partner 23

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